The Beauty of Fine Craft

stack of black bowls

Not that these bowls live up to it, but I do think about the aspects of what’s considered a fine craft whenever I’m at work in the clay studio – and which is described so beautifully by the following quote:

Fine craft is a matter of equilibrium. To produce an object that is pleasurable and practical, all forces must strike a balance. A form that expresses its function, a beauty that is conveyed through use, a process that understands the nature of materials: these are the traditional standards of fine craft. In day-to-day living, well crafted objects lend grace to simple actions. To sip coffee or tea from a cup that is good to hold, to choose fruit from a bowl that is a delight to see, to arrange flowers in a vase that inspires but does not intrude, appeals to the eye as well as the soul. Well crafted objects serve and please. But, more than that, they encourage us to hold the moment, elevating daily rituals to sensory experiences. – Charles Jahn

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Fine Craft”

  1. i so understand this, i was just in Prague and was at a coffee shop they had a little bookshelf with pottery on it for sale and i found out it was one of the workers mother’s work. i brought a tea pot…. it is so well made and the beauty, using it makes the tea that much more special.
    p.s. i love your bowls

  2. Hi Katy, I’ve only made 1 teapot – so many parts and so much to think about: the handle, the spout, the lid. I’m glad you found a beauty!

  3. there is so much to appreciate about a fine design and a well-crafted handmade good. i fear this appreciation is sometimes a lost art in our fast-paced, ‘throw-away’ world, so seeing good design now means so much more to me now than it did.

  4. Hi Melynn,
    I’m not sure which is more impressive..the photography or the bowls themselves! You continue to amaze me…
    Never know what’s next!

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