“Hobbit Hole” in Print

I was very excited to learn that one of my birdhouses made it into Boston Magazine’s spring HOME edition, in a department called “A Perfect Ten”. I knew there was a chance, but wasn’t sure it would really happen. To my surprise, someone at a show this past weekend told me they had seen it, so I rushed out the next morning and bought a couple of copies of the publication. I love that the magazine called my birdhouse a “hobbit hole”. That’s exactly what it looks like to me, although I never would have come up with that name on my own. I’ve been busy today, photographing and getting a few of these up on my Etsy store, just in case someone wants one. What fun!

9 thoughts on ““Hobbit Hole” in Print”

  1. wow melynn that is really adorable. I am sure you will get some demand from this… BM is big! Love your blog too.. need to find time to write one myself. Love the bird tatoo of course. All your hard work is paying off… you sound like an expert xo eta

    1. Thanks, Darleen. I always imagine the birds that will live in these houses when I make them. Makes the whole process that much more rewarding!

  2. Melynn – I was so excited to see your birdhouse in the magazine (sorry I didn’t get a copy to you – my brain has turned to mush and I forgot to do so of course). It is a very charming birdhouse! Happy to see your creative efforts getting much-deserved recognition.

    1. No problem about getting the copy to me – I found it the next morning on my way to the show. Great to see you, and thanks for your support!

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