6 thoughts on “Peapods”

  1. This journal reminded me of when I make little ceramic trees. I have made hundreds of them and it is quite meditative as you said. I always felt like it was strange I could do this seemingly menial process as it goes against my personality but feeling the healing nature of the creative force I understood.

    I also enjoyed reading about your childhood memories as this influence was heart felt. They are fresh and look beautiful. It is nice to see your spirit open and free.

    Your the best and I am glad to call you my friend.

  2. Thanks, Walter. I have so enjoyed reading your journal entries as well, and feel the same way. You are a dear friend and I’m blessed to know you.

  3. I love the quiet winter months too, time for reflection and catching up on things that have been left undone during holiday season. Your memories of eating fresh peas are a wonderful reminder of how living simply really is the best! Enjoy “hibernating season”!

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