Memorial Urn

A friend from my hometown in Oregon asked if I’d make an urn to honor the memory of his son who passed away recently. Among many other accomplishments, his son was an avid hunter. And so, my friend asked if I could incorporate an image of an elk on the urn with a few chosen words. The laser decal process worked well for this request and I think the result was better than I could have imagined. I hope this urn can somehow bring some peace for this special family.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Urn”

  1. Hello, I just came across your blog this evening, from easy shop, I like your designs quite a lot, especially the soft blue and the decal parts. I worked with clay some years ago, and was interested in the potential that decals held, but was unable to. Figure out at that time how to make my own, this was in the nineties, so it is exciting to see that you have developed a way! Thank you for sharing,. Also, it is very intriguing that the glaze is changing color in the third firing. I did a lot of 018 gold luster rims, but it was using a clear glaze over slip,, so never encountered that phenomenon, michelle

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, the decals take a bit to figure out, but it’s worth the effort when everything goes according to plan. I’ve never tried lusters – gotta put that on my list!

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