This is a glaze that I’ve rediscovered in the back of my studio and am now loving on these bowls. The glaze is glossier with a slight crackle in places where it is thicker. I like the combination of semi-matte and gloss – it adds some nice variety and depth to the surface, which is something I’m always trying to achieve with electric glazes.

2 thoughts on “Rediscovery”

  1. beautiful. What cone temp did you fire to? I worked with gas and high fire kilns in school but now I have to look at alternatives for producing the same reduction effect and warm quality that comes with those kilns.

    1. Hi depree – I fire to Cone 6, and push the glazes as much as possible to get that beautiful varied look that gas fired glazes are known for. I do a lot of layering and use colored slips, etc. Good luck in your search!

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