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Birches and Butter

half butter dish

These little half butter dishes with a birch tree design have been a popular item on my Etsy site lately. People seem to like the idea of putting out just a half stick of butter at a time, especially those that are concerned with freshness. A half stick gets eaten twice as fast as a whole, and a lid is critical if there’s a cat around. “In the fridge or left out”, “with a lid or without” are big topics of conversation in my craft fair booth. What I’ve discovered over time is that most people treat butter in the same way their mothers did, so I make a variety of styles that fit the bill. In general though, I’m just a big fan of butter and making dishes to go with it is one of my favorite tasks in the studio.

Prints and Transfers


Silk screened prints with blue slip on newsprint.

silk screen

Prints transferred to wet cylinders, then shaped from the inside so that the pattern grows and recedes with the form. They are far from perfect, although I like the rustic, worn look of the surface and the creases where the paper didn’t quite smooth out. Hoping to get better at this with practice…